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Orphanage of Congo Children Funded by Friends of African Children

After 5 years of fostering our orphans within the community of Ilebo, I am pleased to share that our orphans are now living in our new orphanage! The building was purchased in November 2007 with additional funds from our African Cultural Event. The orphanage building is located directly next to our school.

The living accommodations are minimal. These children are blessed to have a roof to cover their heads; a school in which to learn; clothes to wear; a meal a day and health care.

Our orphans, for the most part came to Friends of African Children illiterate. They speak local dialects, so French is taught on an introductory level. La Reference provides a special program for them so they are able to advance to their appropriate grade level. This is one way Friends of African Children is helping these children smile for a bright future.
There are separate rooms for girls and boys. Yet, they sleep solely on straw mats. One of 2008-2009 goals is to provide mattresses for each child. Currently we house 32 orphans. Their age range from 4 to 10 years. And they are looking for Sponsors.
A special welcome to Moise Tshiondo, a 2 year old baby given to us by the city of Ilebo. He was found in the bush after he was delivered in the night. A dog stayed by the baby's side the whole night before he was found, by some school children in the morning on their way to school, crying. The runaway mother is unknown.
These loving children are cared for by our primary school Principal’s wife. She volunteers every day, giving her time, motherly love and cooking. We are very grateful that our orphan’s lives are slowly improving.

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Homeless African children living in the street steal for their livelyhood.
"Whatever you shall do for these the least of mine, you do for me."