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Orphanage . . .

FAC Orphanage includes school as well as shelter, food & healthcareEvery time Friends of African Children open an orphanage, we automatically open a school to give the orphans the opportunity to benefit free education. In Ilebo the orphans in “Bethany Center” attend Complexe Scolaire la Reference and in Kinshasa the “Providence House” children attend Groupe Scolaire Malaika.

Your support of FAC can bring a smile to an African childThe living accommodations are minimal. These children are blessed to have a roof to cover their heads, a school in which to learn, clothes to wear, a meal a day, and health care.

Our orphans, for the most part, came to Friends of African Children illiterate. They speak local dialects, so French is taught on an introductory level. La Reference provides a special program for these orphaned children so they are able to advance to their appropriate grade level. This is one way Friends of African Children is helping these children smile for a bright future.

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Mission Statement:

"To increase the standard of living for the children and communities of Africa through quality education, orphanages, health care, nutritious meals, foster care, team sports and women's literacy."